Copper CRM Pricing: Will You Get Your Money’s Worth?

James Miller
July 31, 2020

Copper CRM is one of the easiest to use CRMs that small and medium enterprises can leverage to manage leads and grow their customer base. It can be easily integrated with Gmail and other Google apps for logging all emails and other interactions from a central place.

Copper CRM centralizes and simplifies tedious business administration tasks such as data entry and lead nurturing. Over 10,000 businesses in more than 110 countries around the world rely on the platform to build valuable relationships with their customers.

Features of Copper CRM

The CRM targets small and medium businesses. It has several features aimed at simplifying and reinforcing marketing and sales processes. This includes G Suite, Slack and Zapier integrations, advanced reporting, and 24-hour customer support on weekdays.

While the availability of different features depends on the Copper CRM pricing a business opts for, they are broadly categorized into four groups. These are:

G Suite integration

Businesses that use Google products, such as Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar, will find the platform quite handy. The G Suite integration gives users access to different Google products, including Google Hangout Chats and Gmail Chrome Extension. The email open tracking feature is only accessible to businesses on Professional and Business plans.

Productivity & Automation

These are features that automate sales and marketing processes in order to improve productivity. They include email templates, bulk email sending, mobile apps, meeting scheduler, task automation, and workflow automation.


The reporting features are aimed at improving decision-making processes for businesses. They provide insightful data and analytics. Some of the features in this category include basic reporting, sales forecasting, goal tracking, and Google Cloud’s Data Studio. Users also have access to a leaderboard, activity reporting, and lead & sales insights.

Integrations & Admin

This category includes integrations with various platforms such as HubSpot, Zapier, Slack, MailChimp, Zero, Zendesk, QuickBooks, DocuSign, RingCentral, and other embedded integrations. There are also features to lighten up administration tasks, such as multi-currency, single sign-on, API access, permissions & visibility, custom fields, records, and storage space.

Value Of Copper CRM For Businesses

There are five benefits businesses can derive from using Copper CRM.

Streamlined workflow

Manual data entry isn’t only tedious and time-consuming but also error-prone. Copper CRM streamlines the business workflow and makes processes much faster through automation with minimal errors. A business using Copper CRM will have access to consistent and reliable information about its customers.

Improved sales

Copper CRM’s robust lead capturing and nurturing features improve productivity and the flow of leads down the sales funnel. Integrated tools enable businesses to optimize their marketing strategies and nurture all leads for increased conversion rates.

Improved communication and collaboration among teams

Marketing and sales teams need to work in harmony for improved productivity. The Copper CRM platform improves communication and collaboration among different teams for better results. This is done through integrations with databases, chat room applications, and project management systems that offer a centralized storage and access to information.

Access to in-depth insights and analytics

Decision making is a crucial business process that can make or break a business. Copper CRM gives businesses access to crucial in-depth insights and analytics that help them envision long-term decisions.

Easy integration with existing business systems

Copper CRM offers API capabilities so businesses don’t have to do a complete overhaul of their existing systems. It can easily blend with any other software including online databases, VoIP software, communication systems, marketing platforms, and other analytics tools.

Copper CRM Pricing Plans

What is the price structure for all these benefits? Copper CRM has three different pricing tiers:

  • Basic
  • Professional
  • Business.

While the Copper CRM pricing plans don’t include a free package, there’s a 14-day free trial window in which users can examine the features available in different packages.

Here’s a summary of the pricing details for the different packages:

Basic Plan

Price: $19 per month for every user


  • G Suite Integration: Google Chrome Extension, Google Hangouts Chat, Google SheetsSlides. Google Docs, Google & Team Drive, and Google Calendar
  • 3 email templates
  • 1 bulk email
  • Slack and Zapier integration
  • 2GB storage space
  • 30,000 records
  • 5 custom fields
  • Sales forecasting
  • Basic reporting
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Mobile application

Professional Plan

Price: $49 per month for every user


  • G Suite Integration: Google Chrome Extension, Google Hangouts Chat, Google Sheets,
  • Unlimited number of users
  • MailChimp, Slack, Google Data Studio, and Zapier integration
  • Permissions & visibility
  • 10 email templates
  • 10 bulk email
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Mobile applications
  • Task automation
  • Sales forecasting
  • Basic reporting
  • Activity reporting
  • 25 custom fields
  • 100,000 records
  • 200GB storage space

Business Plan

Pricing: $119 per month for every user


  • Unlimited number of users
  • G Suite Integration: Google Chrome Extension, Google Hangouts Chat, Google Sheets, Google Slides. Google Docs, Google & Team Drive, Google Calendar, and email open tracking
  • Task automation
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Mobile applications
  • Unlimited email templates
  • Unlimited bulk email
  • Basic reporting
  • Activity reporting
  • Sales forecasting
  • Google Data Studio, Zapier, RingCentral, Slack, and MailChimp integration
  • Lead & activity insights
  • Goal tracking
  • Leaderboard
  • 100 custom fields
  • 500GB storage
  • 500,000 records
  • Embedded integrations
  • Single sign-on
  • Multi-currency
  • User provisioning

Copper CRM Pricing vs Other CRM Software

How does the Copper CRM pricing structure compare to other CRM software available in the market, such as Zoho, Salesforce, and HubSpot?

Copper CRM vs Zoho

Zoho’s basic plan is cheaper than that of Copper CRM, starting at $20 per month for every user. But, it offers much smaller storage space and lacks certain features such as MailChimp Integration, automatic email capture, native G Suite integration, and project management.

Copper CRM vs Salesforce

Salesforce is the biggest CRM in the industry. Its most popular package, the Professional Plan, starts at $150 per month compared to Copper’s $49. Despite the high price, users still don’t have access to native G Suite integration and pay additional costs for automatic email capture.

Copper CRM vs HubSpot

HubSpot offers a free package but users have to subscribe to paid plans to gain access to advanced features such as customizable reports and API access. The paid plans for HubSpot start at $40 per month for every user (Starter Plan).


Copper CRM is a great software for small businesses that are looking for affordable ways to grow. But its main disadvantage is that it only offers integration for G Suite users, which essentially locks out businesses that use Microsoft products. The Basic Plan, which is the most affordable for small businesses, is also limited to a maximum of three users.